Brevard County Fertilizer Ban:

  A few months ago the Brevard county commission passed a fertilizer ordnance for the unincorporated areas of Brevard county. Many people believe we have a blanket ban on fertilization. The reality is the county has placed a ban on fertilization from June 1st- September 30th and the recent ordinance passed applies only to unincorporated parts of the county! If you live with in city limits of any city in Brevard, each city has its own regulations. Some cities will allow a 50% slow release fertilization during this time, and cities like Melbourne, and Palm Bay have NO RESTRICTIONS AT ALL!

  Many cities have actually had regulations for years on fertilizer.

We have a full print out at our store, and you can find information on the University of Florida website. Since we are located in the heart of downtown Melbourne, most of our local customers live within Melbourne and Palm Bay city limits. Melbourne and Palm Bay  have no restriction on fertilization. Any question feel free to stop in our give us a call.